Once an employee group is enrolled and participates in the HCSP,  the employer should  "renew" the group with MSRS every time the bargaining agreement or personnel policy is negotiated, even if there is no change to the HCSP language.

HCSP contract language modification can occur no less than every two years.

A contract renewal form notifies MSRS when the:

  • HCSP funding mechanism(s) have been changed. MSRS requires a 2-year commitment before modifying the existing HCSP contract language.
  • employee group will continue to participate in the HCSP but will make no changes their funding mechanisms.
  • employee group will no longer participate in the HCSP.

How to renew an employee group

  1. Complete an HCSP Contract Renewal form (pdf) and submit to MSRS.
  2. If there are changes to the HCSP funding mechanisms, provide copy of section(s) of personnel policy, bargaining agreement or MOU/MOA that pertain to the HCSP (it isn't necessary to provide the entire contract).
  3. If there are no changes, simply check these boxes: "Renewal of existing employee group" and "no change to contract language."

HCSP contract language modifications can occur no less than every two years

This is an HCSP plan rule. The reason for the 2-year restriction is because the plan cannot accommodate individuals, nor have the appearance of accommodating individuals. Therefore, funding mechanisms cannot be changed more often than every two years to avoid the appearance of individual choice.