Occasionally, it may be necessary for an employer to reverse or adjust a contribution remitted on behalf of an employee.

If a contribution is made in error, the employer should work directly with MSRS to request the reversal or adjustment.

It is up to the employer to determine if the contribution was made in error.

Examples of contributions made in error:

  • Employer remits wrong amount

  • Employer remits contribution for deceased employee (Plan does not allow)

How to request a contribution reversal

Employers remitting via State of Minnesota's payroll system (SEMA4)
The employer should contact Central Payroll to request the reversal.

All other Minnesota public employers

  1. E-mail payroll.support@msrs.us to request a refund of the contribution made in error.

  2. The email should include the following information:

  • short explanation of correction
  • agency name
  • employee name
  • date of birth
  • last four of employee's SSN
  • payroll date
  • original amount
  • correct amount
  • amount to be refunded
  • address and to whose attention the funds should be returned to the employer
  1. The recordkeeper (Empower) will make necessary adjustments and reverse the payment to the employer.
  2. For more information, call MSRS Payroll Support at 651-284-7729 or 1-800-657-5757, ext 7729; or email payroll.support@msrs.us.