Rehired Employee

Employees who return to work with their previous Minnesota public employer may have LIMITED or NO access to their HCSP account to reimburse medical expenses incurred after they return to work. 

Employers should understand the policy so they can advise employees how their eligibility to request reimbursements from their HCSP account is affected if they return to work. It is important that employees are aware of the rules before they return to work so there are no surprises

Definition of "rehired employee"

  • Re-employed by their previous public employer who sponsored their HCSP; and

  • Status as a terminated employee of the sponsoring employer lasted less than 13 consecutive weeks (if employer is not an educational organization) or less than 26 consecutive weeks (if employer is an educational organization).

Who the policy affects

The  policy affects most rehired employees, including:

  • Part-time and seasonal employees (regardless of the number of hours worked).

  • Substitute teachers who return to work with their former district.

  • Retirees who return to work under the State of Minnesota's post-retirement option (PRO) or PERA's phased retirement option.

HCSP Reimbursement Eligibility Decision Tree (pdf)

Notifying MSRS of a rehired employee's status

Minnesota public employers (except those who use SEMA4 payroll system), should notify MSRS when they rehire a former employee who has an HCSP account.

For more information

Visit this link on the employee website: Returning to Work After Termination/Retirement